3GSP Team

Our dynamic team listens to your plans and supports you throughout their implementation. Below, read about your future partners.

Team members

François-Xavier Despret

François-Xavier Despret has a degree in chemistry and a post-doc in business administration. He has held positions in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France and Monaco. Specializing in new technologies, he regularly provides training and conferences on the implications of new technologies in management. He has fulfilled many assignments supporting companies in France, Belgium and the United States. With Sander Kruger, he founded 3GSP in 2007 to provide services related to video conferencing.

«I'll be your contact for all your international webinars.»


Sander Kruger

Sander Kruger has a degree in IT and specializes in project management (Scrum-Agile method). In addition to his degree in Computer Science, is certified Scrum Master. He has extensive experience in video conferencing and streaming, he has developed many tools for communication and collaboration, one of which is the 3GSP platform. He adapted calling and video conferencing platforms for use in emergency services, he has also integrated various media to optimize the reach of attendees in preparation for meetings, depending on the level of urgency (SMS, email, firewall and proxy traversal, optimization of streams and automatic adaptation to bandwidth conditions).

«I'll be your contact for all the technical aspects of your webinars. »


Azhar Ramdianee

Azhar Ramdianee has a degree in IT from the University of Canberra, Australia. He is a highly proficient IT professional with proven analytical abilities and organizational skills, as well as 14 years of international industry project experience involving leadership and consulting on object-oriented distributed information systems, enterprise application integration, hardware and software development processes, deployment, customer interaction, and end-user organization. He is also passionate about software/web development and has helped 3GSP to extend the development of their video-conferencing application.

«I'll be your contact for all the support aspects of your webinars.»

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