E-vent - your traditional event online

OUR GOAL: to make you forget the technical aspects so you can focus on your event

Your traditional event with remote speakers and viewers

We extend your traditional events (conferences, seminars, trainings, press conferences, interviews with experts ...) with speakers and remote viewers. We organize e-vents.

  • Increase your audience
  • Have a remote expert who cannot come to the event for any reason (abroad, short notice, busy schedule ...)
  • Provide an innovative image
  • Reach a new audience that never comes to your events

Access can be free or premium, open or filtered according to the objective and targets of the event. Participants can follow the live event, ask questions via a public chat, listen to the speaker(s), comment on the presentation as if they were there or watch a recording afterwards.

If the event is intended for an international audience, 3GSP provides a unique remote interpretation service (link to remote interpretation page). This service allows simultaneous interpretation of the conference without the need to bring the interpreters and their equipment on site. They can translate simultaneously from home with the hardware that 3GSP provides to them: a reportophone, headphone and sound booth. And remote participants can choose to attend the conference in the language of the speaker or another language of their choice.

Here is an example of a remote, simultaneously interpreted event that we organized in Belgium to introduce our remote interpretation services. The event was broadcast online and remote viewers could choose the language in which they wished to follow the conference. They were just plugged into the channel of the interpreter of the language. We had a remote speaker in the United States, speakers on site you will see on the panel and 14 interpreters for simultaneous translation in 7 languages.

More information on remote interpretation on our dedicated website :

Conferences and multisite trainings

3GSP offers the possibility of combining webinar events with traditional events.

Take for example the 3 Smart Work Centers we have equiped : Axis Park in Louvain La Neuve, BEP Parc Crealys in Gembloux and those IDETA in Enghien and Tournai.

You can have:

    one or more speakers who are in a SWC or anywhere else remotely,

    participants who follow the conference in a room of the nearest SWC or from home, with the choice to be able to listen to the conference in the language of the speaker or in their native language, while enjoying the same features regardless of where they are.

Moreover, to help do this in the most flexible and efficient manner, the rooms of Smart Work Centers have been equipped with the latest technology to capture audio and video. That way the session management may be done remotely, cameras can be controlled from our platform, which allows for panning, tilting and zooming to focus on speakers and on the public and to present the event in a more dynamic way for remote participants.

More information on the material on our dedicated website:   

Give yourself the best coverage you have ever had!

Today, journalists are over-stressed and decide not to travel, due to lack of time or of a real interest in the subject or the information that you will deliver to them at your press conference.

The primary purpose of your press conference is to reach a maximum of media attention, often on a short notice, and to induce an interest with the journalists so that they'll forward your message.
Do not waste your journalistic audience. Open online access to your press conference.
Journalists register and receive a personalized link to go to the press conference at the scheduled date and can ask questions via a public chat or directly orally (by callback like a radio listener during a radio show).

By offering its webinar service, 3GSP is part of the communication strategy of its customers, providing a reliable and feature-rich professional technical tool and a coaching service, control panel and assistance so that you can focus on the content of your event, that is your business, without worrying about the technical side.


Because you are a professional, 3GSP provides its secure and reliable platform to make your e-vents a success.


Because you are not an e-vent technician, 3GSP accompanies you, assists you and takes care of the management of your webinar so that you can focus on the content of your event.


Remote participants access the virtual room via a single common public link for all or a personal one after subscription.

The day of your event they no longer have to click on this link. No installation required!