Reenion - Remote Meeting

REENIONTM is a unique tool for organising virtual, collaborative meetings or for giving remote, synchronous training between a teacher and a number of students

The tool has been developed with 2 objectives in mind:

To make sure that virtual meetings resemble normal meetings as much as possible in their approach and execution and, secondly, to make access to the service as easy as possible by eliminating as many technical barriers as possible. 3-GSP has put much emphasis on the ergonomics of the end-user interface. No knowledge of computing or computer technology is required to participate in a session.

The service seamlessly integrates audio-, video- and web-conferencing and can be used on any PC (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc) with internet access, a web browser and Flash Player, a webcam and a regular telephone.

We offer three different packages, each tailored to different needs:

Pay-as-you-Go: the most flexible solution for irregular needs

Mono: aimed at individual yet frequent users in a medium set up with standard up to 4 participants, with the flexibility to increase.

Group: aimed at medium to very large companies that need multiple accounts that can create and set-up meetings.

Features of ReenionTM

  • Document sharing - PPT, Word, Excel, PDF
  • White Board - Drawing functions
  • Screen Sharing - Participants can see the presenter / organizer screen.
  • Poll & Survey - Voting or e-training / e-teaching
  • Personalization - Background and personalized logos
  • Audio - Fully Integrated Double Channel - Voice over the phone - Optimum quality audio & bandwidth-adapted Video. No interruption, echo, delay, noise, cut off or disturbances
Do we really need this meeting? What number was I supposed to call? How do I get connected? What's the helpdesk number if we need assistance for this videoconference? Where is the PIN code for this telephone conference? All questions you've probably asked yourself on a regular basis.
Do away with the fuss and start saving!
Start saving on frustrations, for technology not doing what it promises, for not having the required codes or telephone numbers at hand. And whilst you're at it, start saving precious time, money and natural resources.
We know for a fact that not all meetings are a worthwhile investment of your time. No problem and they make for good coffee breaks if you're sat next door or in the same building. But ask yourself if you want to continue travelling to the end of the world for things that you could accomplish from behind your desk without going through the trouble of traffic jams, queues, jet-lags or sitting in airport lounges?
We believe resources are scarce: your time is worth a lot and can only be spent once. Use it well and make significant savings at the same time. We're sure you'll be the one that benefits most!

Save Money

Using virtual collaboration you can go places and be present without travelling. Business meeting with Shanghai, "no problem". Melbourne next, "No Worries". And whilst you are saving your own time and fatigue, you make tremendous savings on your own or the company's overall travel budget. Savings you can use to reduce your cost basis or deploy directly to increase your marketing or sales spend. If that's not strategic thinking.

Save Time

"Beam me up Scotty" (from the epic series Star Trek)
Unfortunately technology is not there yet to allow travelling without spending huge amounts of your -often private- time. Not to talk about the nuisances and waiting times of today's travel, be it by car, train or plane. If you are looking to do more with your time, our reliable technology will easily convince you of the benefits for you and those around you.

Save Environment

We live in the post "An inconvenient truth" era and cannot possibly deny that the speed at which we are using resources is having an increasingly dramatic effect on the world around us.
We will be the last to say that we are angels ourselves, but we are conscious of our ecological footprint and continuously work to reduce ours. This is why as a company we reduce our travel as much as we can and if we need to travel we compensate for all of our CO2 emissions. We are thus CO2 neutral, and proud to be.
We cannot make environmental angels out of those around us, or out of our clients. What we advocate however is that with realistic objectives at heart and in their minds our clients can make significant savings to their consumption of resources. If only you substitute 1 meeting in 4 with a virtual collaboration meeting that would already represents a 25% saving.
  • Ease of Use

  • Security

  • Support and Customer service

Pricing Information Reenion Pay as you go Reenion Mono Reenion Group
Number of seats Unlimited 4 included per account A minimum of 5 seats
Number of meeting rooms 1 1 Unlimited
Number of organizer accounts Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Number of meetings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Integrated conference calling service outbound and inbound calls * * *
Address book Individual Individual Corporate & personal directory
Assistance Free assistance for 3 meetings Free meeting assistance equal to of total seats
Monthly subscription charge: No subscription 40 Euro 25 Euro per seat
Price per cumulated minutes of meetings including web and phone charges on a fixed line in Zone A 0.35 Euro 0.20 Euro 0.14 Euro
Price for incidental use of additional seats 25 Euro per additional seat (per meeting) 2) 20 Euro per additional seat (per meeting)
Screen sharing 1) Included 20 Euro per month Included
Assistance 2.50 Euro / minute 2.00 Euro / minute
1) in order to enable the screen sharing facility a plug-in need to be installed
2) up to a maximum total of 10 seats at any time
Note: if you feel that your company's needs do not fit our "standard" models, please feel free to Contact directly. Considering the most relevant factors we will be happy to give you our best quote for our services.

An Example:

A medium sized architecture firm with 10 employees wishes to have a web conference with 2 of their outside contractors and 2 of their employees on a weekly basis.
The "Reenion Mono" subscription formula responds exactly to their need as long as only one of the two employees is in charge of organizing these meetings (only 1 organizer account is included in this package). Furthermore, with this subscription only up to 4 people can meet without additional costs. The total monthly cost will then be 232.00 Euro, the cost per meeting comes in at: 58.00 Euro,
If for the same company the meeting frequency doubles (now 2 one-hour meetings per week), using the "Reenion Mono" subscription formula the cost per meeting will be 53.00 Euro.
With the "Reenion Group" subscription formula the total monthly cost will be 393.80 Euro and the cost per meeting comes in at only 49.23 Euro. Moreover, using this type of account, the company can have 5 attendees in every meeting and benefits of having as many organizer accounts as it wants. On top they benefit of a much more advantageous price per minute, which will favorably impact the price of each meeting.


Guided Tour

You've read about our service. But there is no better way to experience its ease of use than to be shown around by one of our experts.  
What’s included:   How it works:  
A 30-minute tour You schedule a demo with one of our support experts  
Up to 5 attendees   You can invite up to 4 colleagues or friends  
Outbound phone calls in zone A   Our expert gives you a tour of all the features  
  No installation required  
  It won't cost you anything  

Reenion™ Live!

€ 90
The best way to discover what virtual meetings are like is by having one for real!

You may be uncertain how to organise such a meeting on your own which is why we help you get that sorted. You can simply have that team meeting virtually, without worrying a bit about setting it up. Our experts will manage the meeting while you can concentrate on your business.
What’s included:   How it works:  
Assistance during the meeting You schedule a meeting with our support experts  
1 meeting of an hour   Invite anyone  
Up to 10 attendees   Attendees receive an e-mail to test their system compatibility  
200 minutes of outgoing calls*   No installation required  
1 Gb of document storage   Invitees pay nothing  
Full-featured Meeting service        

2-Month Trial

€ 269
Try our unique service for 2 months for a fixed budget. No strings attached, the account closes automatically after 2 months.  
What’s included:   How it works:  
1 organiser account for 2 months 1 attendee occupies 1 seat  
15 seats   No set-up fee  
1000 minutes of outgoing calls*   Invite anyone  
1 Gb of document storage   No installation required  
User guide   Invitees pay nothing  
Full-featured Meeting service